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Zikr Ring

Zikr Ring

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Introducing the Zikr Ring – the world's smallest smart ring with a display function. 💍🌍

🔗 Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connects to Qibla Watch and smartphones, bringing convenience to your fingertips. 📱🤝

⏰ Prayer Times Reminders: Receive up to 5 prayer time reminders through Zikr Ring, Qibla Watch, or your smartphone. 🕌⏱️

🖥️ OLED Display: Experience exceptional image quality and energy efficiency with the OLED screen, enhancing your visual experience. 🌟📺

📿 Tasbeeh Counter: Effortlessly track and log your daily tasbeeh counts with the built-in tasbeeh counter – wherever and whenever. 📌🙏

🔋 Large Capacity Battery: Empowered by a high-capacity battery, the Zikr Ring delivers 3 days of normal use. Charge it effortlessly through USB cable from an adaptor, power bank,  or computer. 🔌🔋

Elevate your connection with modern technology and timeless traditions with the Zikr1 Lite Ring. ✨🌙

Style: Modern 🏢
Color: Black 🖤
Screen Size: 2 Centimeters 📏

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