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Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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About This Item 

  • Multi Devices and System Switching:

    • Support bundled pairing of three devices, effortlessly switch between them using Fn + "1/2/3" keys.
    • Change system modes (iOS, Android, Windows) with FN and a specific system switch key.
  • Safety and Environmental Protection:

    • USB-Micro charging with a polymer lithium battery, exceeding 90 days of usage on a full charge.
    • ≥100 times battery charge and discharge life, eliminating frequent replacements, saving costs, and promoting environmental protection.
    • USB-Micro charging cable included for convenience.
  • Ergonomic Design:

    • Tilted ergonomics and a separate stand design on the back.
    • Adjustable stand for changing the keyboard tilt to meet different preferences and needs.
  • Fashion and Low Noise:

    • Sleek and comfortable appearance with a classic silver, white, black, gray color scheme.
    • Compact size (11.350.5/0.28) and slim design (0.66Ib) for easy use and portability.
    • X-Scissors structure keys for a laptop-like feel with uniform force and quiet low noise.
  • Wireless Bluetooth and Wide Compatibility:

    • Wireless Bluetooth connection for a cable-free experience.
    • Compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, Vista, Linux, and any system supporting keyboard functionality and Bluetooth connectivity.
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