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Turbo Shine Water Powered Spin Cleaner

Turbo Shine Water Powered Spin Cleaner

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馃殫 EFFICIENT CLEANING: Say goodbye to hassle! Remove the white joint inner sleeve, attach the quick contact and interface to your faucet, and connect the car wash brush's bottom to a 1/2" (DN15) garden hose. It fits faucets ranging from 0.39 to 0.787 caliber. When you turn on the water, the 360-degree rotating brush head springs to life, automatically rotating under water pressure, eliminating the need for additional power sources. 馃挧馃毧

馃Ъ AUTOMATIC FOAMING: Make cleaning a breeze! Add detergent to the washing box on the rotating brush head, and watch as foam automatically emerges with the flow of water. You can fine-tune the foam amount by rotating the red three-speed valve, ensuring a more convenient and efficient cleaning process. 馃泚鉁

馃敨 PRESSURE WASHER GUN AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL HOSE NOZZLE: Versatility at its finest! Remove the brush head to reveal a pressure washer gun. Adjust the water flow size by rotating the red valve at the brush's base, perfect for tackling dirt and residual foam. Additionally, enjoy a nozzle with five spray shapes, catering to various needs like car cleaning, household chores, pet care, and even plant watering. 馃寠馃尲

馃洜锔 DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIALS: Protect your vehicle's finish! The brush head is constructed from snow neil and PP materials, ensuring durability while safeguarding your car's paint and finishes. Other components, such as ABS, PC, NBR, and POM, are robust and resilient, minimizing the risk of damage. If you encounter a leak, check for black silicone seals in all parts for a quick fix. 馃毇馃攳

馃Ы LONG-HANDLE DESIGN: Reach every nook and cranny! This car wash brush features a long handle that's easy to install and remove. With a length of up to 47.24 inches, it can access hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. Suitable for users of all ages, including seniors and children, it guarantees a hassle-free cleaning experience. 馃Ы馃懙馃懚

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