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Toy Gun

Toy Gun

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🔫★ Experience the thrill of our one-of-a-kind toy gun with an authentic empty shell eject function! Watch as the realistic shell pops out for an immersive feeling!

🔫★ Perfect for kids! Our toy gun boasts lifelike styling, making it ideal for training, Halloween, or cosplay. Each loading action comes with a simulation shell ejection effect!

🔫★ Prioritize gun safety! Use this opportunity to educate your child on safe gun handling and shooter safety with our realistic-sized toy. It's a valuable educational tool.

🔫★ Get the real deal with our 1:1 size! Our toy gun with Ejecting Magazine and Silencer is identical in size to the real thing, fitting perfectly in any pistol holder.

🔫★ Outdoor fun awaits! Just like adult paintball, shooting with our toy guns offers a thrilling and active experience for kids. It involves physical exercise, aiming skills, observation, and stamina. Plus, it's loads of fun, especially in group play! 🎯💥

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