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Toner for Face Skin

Toner for Face Skin

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  • 馃専 Efficacious Relief: Facial Toner swiftly astringes pores, effectively relieving blemishes on the face. It adeptly adjusts the skin's water and oil balance for a refreshed and balanced complexion.

  • 馃尶 Selected Natural Ingredients: Infused with glycolic acid 7%, this Skin Toner penetrates deep into the skin, controlling environmental factors that may affect the skin negatively. Embrace the power of nature for optimal skin health.

  • 馃毧 Facial Deep Cleanse: Specially formulated to seep into pores, the Toner for Face swiftly removes dirt and addresses the root cause, keeping the skin clean and preventing the growth of pimples.

  • 馃挦 Moisture Function: Glycolic Acid Toning Solution not only cleanses but also locks in moisture. Deeply penetrating the skin, it helps cells maintain the skin's natural moisture, providing refreshing hydration.

  • 馃實 Widespread Application: Suitable for large pores, recurrent pimples, and dull skin, the Glycolic Acid Toner for Face continuously improves skin appearance throughout the day, leaving your skin clearer and revitalized.

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