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LED Crystal Table Lamp

LED Crystal Table Lamp

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About This Item:

Illuminate Your Space with the LED Crystal Table Lamp!
Create an enchanting ambiance in your bedroom or on your desktop with our LED Crystal Table Lamp. Its romantic rose light and diamond-like atmosphere make it a captivating addition to your decor.

Perfect Size: Standing at 8.66 inches high and 3.54 inches in diameter, it's just the right size for a touch of elegance.

Voltage Efficiency:
Operating at less than or equal to 36V, it's both energy-efficient and safe.

Low Power Consumption:
With only 1.5W of power, it's gentle on your energy bill.

Please use the palm of your hand to touch the top of the lamp for best results, avoiding fingers.

Choose Your Control Style:
1. USB Switch:
Effortlessly switch on the lamp to witness mesmerizing light and shadow effects. The lamp's acrylic material ensures a sleek design.
2. Touch Remote:
Opt for the remote-control option to adjust the lamp's settings from a distance, enhancing your convenience.
3D Elegance:
Featuring a unique 3D effect resembling sparkling diamonds, the refracting crystal lights emit a vivid, colorful glow that brings out the lamp's exquisite beauty. It's a stylish addition to your living room, bedroom, study, and more, creating an inviting and romantic atmosphere.

What's in the Package:
1 x LED Crystal Table Lamp
1 x Data Cable
1 x Remote Control

Elevate your space with the captivating LED Crystal Table Lamp. Experience the magic today and transform your surroundings!

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