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Haino Teko Mini G8 Black Edition Smart Watch

Haino Teko Mini G8 Black Edition Smart Watch

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Haino Teko G8 Mini Smartwatch - Unveiling Elegance and Innovation!

Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and cutting-edge technology with the Haino Teko G8 Mini Smartwatch in mesmerizing Rose Gold!

Model Number: G8 Mini
Connection Type:
Color: Black
Dial Material: Stainless Steel
Smartwatch Dial Size: 41 mm
Features: Bluetooth, Gaming, Glossy Screen, Multi-Touch, Personal

Key Features:
Immerse yourself in the glossy screen with multi-touch capabilities.
- Connect effortlessly through Bluetooth and experience the freedom of wireless technology.
- Elevate your style with the durable and elegant stainless steel dial.
- Personalize your experience with gaming and a range of smart features.

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