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Electric Steam Spray Gun

Electric Steam Spray Gun

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About This Item:

Newest Disinfection Sprayer:
Powered by a 2600mAh lithium battery, this wireless nano electric gun offers a convenient and safe disinfection solution. 2-hour charge for up to 3 hours of continuous working time. Universal voltage (110V-240V) with different plug standards for various countries.

Sterilization and Sterilization:
Removes odors and can be used in areas requiring sterilization and cleaning. Provides fresh and effective results in 15 minutes, offering in-depth cleaning, atomizing, humidifying, and quick spraying and wiping. Functions not only as a sterilization gun but also as an air humidifier.

UV Disinfection Sprayer Atomization:
Equipped with 8 strong UV light grains for effective UV sterilization. Normal temperature atomization design ensures safety over high-temperature alternatives. Enhances the effectiveness of liquid medicine ingredients while preventing harmful gas generation.

Large Capacity:
Features an 800ml irrigation can design, allowing for disinfection of larger areas at once. The detachable copper nozzle and anti-clogging design of the internal conduit ensure durability, with a built-in liquid filter.

Portable and Versatile:
Creates very fine water fog, perfect for disease prevention in various settings, including home, garden, indoors & outdoors, public areas, hospitals, schools, etc. An economical and practical solution for effective disinfection.

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