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Electric Mosquito Zappers Killer

Electric Mosquito Zappers Killer

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About This Item:

Value Package:
You will receive 3 pieces of US standard mosquito killer lamps with integrated power cords, no radiation, silent mosquito killer, keep you and your family away from mosquito interference and reduce the spread of viruses.

360° Mosquito Killer:
Mosquito lamp attracts and kills mosquitoes by electric light through physical light source; It can be placed flat or hung to kill mosquitoes in all directions, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Integrated Power Cord:
The power cord design of this bug zapper indoor is thicker than that of ordinary mosquito killers, which can assurance the safety of current problems to the largest extent, so that you can use it with confidence.

Plug in and Use Directly:
Bug zapper outdoor is easy to use, just put the electric insect killer flat or hang it, plug it in and turn on the switch, the mosquito killer lamp can start working, the operation is simple, convenient and quick, and it is also suitable for the elderly at home convenient.

Easy to Clean:
Bug lights for outside is equipped with a small brush to help you remove insect debris, remove mosquito debris from the zapper and keep it working efficiently.

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