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Electric Mosquito Zapper

Electric Mosquito Zapper

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About This Item:

Highly Effective:
This racket boasts a powerful 3000V high voltage power grid that delivers an instant and satisfying zap to eliminate flies. Have a blast zapping bugs anytime, anywhere with this handy electric mosquito swatter.

Very Safe:
Featuring two protective mesh nets on either side of the high-power grid, our mosquito zapper ensures your safety. Even if you accidentally touch it, rest assured you won't get hurt during your bug-busting mission.

USB Charging:
Enjoy easy and cordless fly zapping with convenient USB charging. A quick 2 to 3 hours is all it takes to reach a full charge. The red-light indicator turns green when charging is complete, signaling that you're ready for action.

Dual Mode:
This 2-in-1 fly killer racket offers manual use or automatic mosquito killer mode, allowing placement at your preferred spot. The mosquito-killing lamp mode is ideal for home use when plugged in.

Longer Battery Life:
Unlike traditional mosquito swatters, our electric fly swatter features a rechargeable 1200mAh battery. Enjoy a longer battery life, reduced waste, and a pollution-free solution to keep your surroundings bug-free.

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