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Electric Callus Remover

Electric Callus Remover

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About This Item:

Revolutionize your self-care routine with this advanced device, offering ultimate comfort and efficiency. Here's what makes it a must-have:

USB Interface Charging:
Embrace convenience with USB charging capability. Simply plug in and power up!

Charging Voltage:
5V – Fast and efficient charging for uninterrupted use.

Charging Current:
2A – Ensuring a swift and powerful charge.

Low Speed Turn (During Work):
Witness the soothing green light as it indicates low-speed operation. Enjoy a gentle and effective treatment for your feet.

High Speed Turn (During Work):
When you need more intensity, the red light signals high-speed operation. Experience a thorough and invigorating exfoliation.

Green Light (Charging Complete):
Once fully charged, the green light shines bright, letting you know it's ready to deliver outstanding performance.

Red Light (Charging):
While charging, the red light gracefully indicates power flowing in. Witness the transformation as your device gets ready for action.

Say goodbye to calluses and hello to smoother, more radiant feet! Elevate your pampering session with the Electric Callus Remover – your feet deserve the best care. Get yours today!

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