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Crystal Coating Polish

Crystal Coating Polish

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About This Item:

Cristal Coating Para Plástico Del Carro:

The Formula of Our Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent Will Never Damage Your Plastic Parts, Trim or Any Paint That May Come in Contact with It. Simply Apply the Coating to the Sponge and Wipe Gently to Give It a New Look.

Nano Ceramic Coating:
After Painted with This Ceramic Coating Kit, A Protective Layer Will Be Covered on the Car Body, Our Líquido Para El Plástico Del Carro Is Built to Last! It Provides Excellent Gloss and You'll Be Amazed How It Can Refresh Your Entire Car in Minutes. The Effects Can Last up to 6 Months.

Streak Free: This Coating Agent Produces a Deep Shine, Slick Surface, And Longer-Lasting Protection Than Anything on the Market! Formula Is Safe to Apply onto Every Surface Without Worrying About White Residue or Streaks!

Hydrophobic & High Gloss:
Our Líquido Para Sacar Brillo Al Plástico Del Carro Provides Your Auto a Hydrophobic Coating on the Surface gets a Waxing Effect, Gives a Cleaning, Shining Car Back to You. It Leaves a Clean Clear Layer of Anti-Fog Protection on Your Lens. Use Fog-Free Daily for the Best Results.

Fast and Easy to Use:
Restaurador De Plastico De Carro Can Penetrate into Material Pores, Gently Rub It, Instantly Black and Shiny, Increase Surface Gloss, Delay Aging, The Luster Is Exquisite, And the Luster Is Restored, And Easily Wipe off Dirt Without Damaging the Surface.

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