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Child Trampoline Net Jumping Mat

Child Trampoline Net Jumping Mat

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About This Item:

Steel Structure:
- Fully galvanized frame with superior resistance to rust and corrosion.
- 6 arc tubes and 6 foot tubes with 6 balanced contacts for enhanced stability and security.

Maximum Safety:
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
- Safety net tightly connected to galvanized steel posts with foam sleeves.
- Fully visible net for a safe and enjoyable jumping environment.
- Allows parents to supervise children easily and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the trampoline.

Safety Protection Product Portfolio:
Thick protective frame and net to prevent injuries during jumping or play.
- Wide and tight cable tie connects the rod to the net, preventing the shell net from falling.
- Supports a maximum weight of 180 pounds, making it suitable for adults as well.

Versatile Application:
Foldable into a compact size for easy storage.
- Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, indoor and outdoor spaces, gardens.
- Ideal for parent-child activities, promoting a healthy and happy childhood.

Fitness and Sport:
- Promotes the physical development of children.
- Improves heart health, strengthens the skeletal system, and enhances bone quality.
- Rebound movement helps burn calories with low-impact exercise.

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