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Auto Rebound Abs Wheel

Auto Rebound Abs Wheel

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About This Item:
2-in-1 Automatic Rebound Abdomen Roller for Effective Home Gym Workouts
Achieve your fitness goals with our 2-in-1 Abdomen Roller, designed to enhance your abdominal exercises and provide optimal support.

Key Features:
Dual Functionality:
This abdomen roller doubles as an elbow-supported wheel and a plate support for a comprehensive workout, intensifying your abdominal training.

Silent & Stable: Crafted with multiple layers, including anti-skid, shock absorption, and noise reduction layers, ensuring a quiet and comfortable workout experience.

Smart Rebound: The intelligent brake system triggers a rebound function when pushed tight, allowing for easy resetting of the roller.

Enhanced Stability: The widened wheel track (10cm) minimizes lateral shaking, making it ideal for beginners while ensuring safety and stability.

Comfortable Elbow Pad: The thickened elbow pad features high-density sponge material for excellent sweat absorption, anti-slip grip, and extended durability.

Sports Type:
Strength Training
Roller Type: Double-Wheeled
Main Material: PP
Color Options: Orange with Gray

Step up your fitness routine with our 2-in-1 Abdomen Roller. Add it to your cart now and experience effective, comfortable, and versatile abdominal workouts.

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