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Acrochordon Skin Remover Kit

Acrochordon Skin Remover Kit

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About This Item:

Convenient Tag Remover:
The tag removal kit will provide you with a comfortable and painless using experience. The tag removal kit can effectively help you eliminate annoying skin tags.

2 in 1 Tag Removal Kit: Our skin tag removal tool includes double sided anti-tag pen, 40 small rubber bands in two sizes and 10 cleaning wipes, 2 in 1 skin tag corrector for skin tag removal. Can fit small to normal size (2-8mm width).

Easy to Use: The skin label removal tool is convenient to use. Place the pointed side on the skin tags, press firmly in the middle of the pen and push the automatic tag removal ring onto the skin tags.

Fast & Effective: 2 in 1 Auto Tags Remover offers a quick and easy way to naturally remove unwanted skin spots. These wart remover kits are used for small and large skin labels from 2 to 8 m.

PERFECT FOR MOST SKIN TYPE: The skin tag removal kit is suitable for all skin types. Skin stain removers can be used on your body parts. You can finally remove unwanted skin tags and see beautiful skin!

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